Fleet Management

Our Fleet Management software solutions are scalable and flexible to integrate with your entire business, adaptable to improve fleet efficiency and helps in monitoring end-to-end fleet operations.

We offer specialized solutions like mobile data terminal, driver identification, RFID, temperature sensing, remote asset monitoring, keypad integration and web services.

The Technology

  1. We determine the best solution based on the customer's need set, industry, asset type and geographic location. Our technology supports and enhances asset security, fleet tracking, alert monitoring and numerous reporting techniques to help reduce risk and maximize efficiency.

  2. OBD Integration.

    Integrated with On Board Diagnostics-II (OBD) system of the vehicle to directly obtain engine and vehicle activity data such as Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), true idling, vehicle speed, engine speed RPM, fuel consumption, distance travelled and much more valuable information. Trinetra’s GPS Vehicle Tracking Device can be easily deployed with vehicle’s OBD-II interface which will help in better fleet maintenance and the ability to immediately and accurately trace out the repairs or maintenance that needs to be conducted for a vehicle.

  3. Third-Party Integration.

    Integration to Oracle Transportation Management Solutions for supply chain industries.